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You Deserve Each Other Naomi Westfield has the perfect fianc Nicholas Rose holds doors open for her, remembers her restaurant orders, and comes from the kind of upstanding society family any bride would love to be a part of They never fight They re preparing for their lavish wedding that s three months away And she is miserably and utterly sick of himNaomi wants out, but there s a catch whoever ends the engagement will have to foot the nonrefundable wedding bill When Naomi discovers that Nicholas, too, has been feigning contentment, the two of them go head to head in a battle of pranks, sabotage, and all out emotional warfareBut with the countdown looming to the wedding that may or may not come to pass, Naomi finds her resolve slipping Because now that they have nothing to lose, they re finally being themselves and having fun with the last person they expect each otherWhen your nemesis also happens to be your fianc , happily ever after becomes a lot complicated in this wickedly funny, lovers to enemies to lovers romantic comedy debut

About the Author: Sarah Hogle

Sarah Hogle is a stay at home mom who spends her free time planning weird pranks Her dream is to live in a falling apart castle in a forest that is probably cursed You Deserve Each Other is her debut novel.

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    Four let s make a party to congratulate we have a new evil genius, sarcastic writer in the town who knows how to write a great mean romantic comedy stars I think promoting this book as a great choice for the fans of Hating Games might be wrong Only thing there is similar with Sally Thorne s book is HATING part The characters are not colleagues This is not slow burn enemies to lovers story They re already engaged This could be best defined as friends lovers enemies friends again lovers Four l

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    serotonin peaking buddy re read with my taste twin and the one who has to cave to peer pressure The best things in the world are as follows when you perfectly toast a bagel I mean we all know how easy it is to underdo that bad boy so it s still a weird squishy bread circle or evenlikely, burn that baby till it s glorified charcoal but when you really find that sweet spot chef s kiss baking cookies and then eating them while they re still warm, and then you eat a whole serotonin peaking buddy re rea

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    you know the feeling when you discover a new trope, you love it, and now you want to read all the books that have it thats me right now this whole refalling back in love theme is both the cause and cure for my heart arrhythmias seriously, have i been living under a rock why is this trope notpopular the whole process of two people trying to remember why they fell in love with each other can go in so many good directions in the case of this novel, its cute and fun and flirty and touc you know the feeling wh

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    5 5 this book cracked me up Not having any idea what this whole book was about except for the few exciting prompts that the synopsis promised, I dove head first into it and boy, that was an experience I wasn t expecting.I mean, yeah, by now I realised that enemies to lovers tropes are my jam, but lovers to enemies to lovers plot with insanely good comedy Sweet baby Jesus, YES.Given the fact that this was my fifth rom com novel of the week, I thought I was going to be kind of passive about it 5 5 this book cracke

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    5 stars You Deserve Each Other is Sarah Hogle s debut novel and it blew me I away I haven t laughed so hard or felt so much while reading in quiet a while Definitely one of the best books I ve read this year Naomi is in a rut She s engaged, but half the time she doesn t even know if she wants to be with her fianc any Too bad the wedding planning is so far along, or else she d probably call it quits Her mother in law to be is a nightmare and she s finding it hard to tell if her fian 5 stars You Deserve Each Other is Sar

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    I woke up thinking about this book this morning and already wanting to reread and that alone warrants it a 5 star It s safe to say I am obsessed with it.But if you need reasons to pick it up then I have some, I guess This is generally a trope that works for me I enjoy second chance love stories I enjoy seeing what makes a couple fall in love again, or in this case, save their relationship as well There are always a whole load of factors that come into play when a relationship almost breaks I woke up thinking about this book t

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    I m not sure I ve ever laughed that hard while reading a book.Ever.Like, out loud with tears running down my face Not even kidding a little bit.Ok, and that may be because the timing on this was nigh on perfect I was very much in the mood to Carole Baskin my husband when I came across this book, and it hit me directly in the funnybone.See, my spouse I were at the time going several rounds over this hideous thing he did to our mailbox after a few too many Margaritas.He got this brilliant idea I m not sure I ve ever laughed that hard

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    2.5 StarsIt is a truth universally acknowledged that the enemies to lovers trope of which I pride myself in being a true fan is SUPERIOR You Deserve Each Other takes the hating you to loving you debacle to the NEXT LEVEL It s glowing with bitterness that only a special someone who s not me can absorb I m not overstating when I say I m tremendously devastated by how much of a disappointment this book is.Nicholas and Naomi are engaged But they re having a not so little trouble in paradise 2.5 StarsIt is a truth universally acknowledged that

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    I read this book three times in one week I think that should tell you something I hope that something is PICK UP THIS BOOK This book is marketed for fans of The Hating Game by Sally Thorne.And they are so right because this book is like The Hating Game turned up to eleven Naomi and Nicholas were hilarious in their efforts to mess with each other The length they went to were both juvenile and petty and I loved every second of it Mixed in with all their pranks and not so subtle jabs at each I read this book three times in one week I think that shou

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    This book was an absolute delight If you re looking for a true NEMESIS to lovers situation, look no further I haven t seen this much true angst since The Hating Game and trust me when I say I was LIVING FOR IT This book was full of exactly the kind of lighthearted sass that I needed this week and I had SO MUCH FUN reading it 10 10 do recommend.

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