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Worldshaker (Worldshaker, #1) Col Is A Wealthy Child Of Privilege Raised To Succeed His Grandfather As The Supreme Commander Of The Juggernaut Worldshaker, He Has Lived A Pampered Life On The Upper Decks He Has Never Questioned His Place In The World Or His Bright And Illustrious Future But When A Filthy Girl Stows Away In His Cabin, Suddenly Nothing Is Clear Any Quick And Clever, Riff Is Nothing Like The Filthies That Col Always Learned About The Dumb, Slow, Less Than Human Folk Who Toil Away Below, Keeping Worldshaker Moving Filthies Are Supposed To Be Animal Like, Without The Power Of Speech Or The Ability To Think For Themselves But Riff Is Clever And Quick And Outspoken, And Col Is Drawn To Her Despite Himself.As Col Begins To Secretly Spend Time With Riff, He Begins To Question Everything He Was Raised To Believe Was True, And Realizes That If Riff Is Right, Then Everything He Was Raised To Believe Is A Lie And Col Himself May Be The Only Person In A Position To Do Something About It Even If It Means Risking His Future.

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    Harland s Worldshaker is a dystopian steampunk adventure aimed at young adult readers Although it is targeted at a younger audience, I found this novel to be an entertaining and worthwhile read that I finished in one sitting.A steampunk com

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    I should probably declare that Richard Harland is a good friend of mine and so I really, really wanted to like this book Luckily, I loved it I ve been told it s a YA steam punk novel steam punk is not a new genre but it s hot at the moment and o

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    The fair thing for me to do would be to give this book three stars, not two It s not a bad book It s actually a pretty good book Butwell, there s so much to say I just hope I can remember everything I was thinking.ColI wasn t a huge fan of his charac

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    I read this when I was quite young but I did really enjoy it.It s Young Adult, and it s about two kids who are living on a huge airship, and it s presented as a microcosm of the United Kingdom.I really liked it because this author actually presented issue

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    It was for school So yeah.

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    I ve been having difficulty writing a review for this book, though I m not sure why.In short, I thought it was an enjoyable romp, even if many of the elements were rather familiar Mr Harland captures the stuffiness of Victorian principles well, and yet manages to m

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    Worldshaker is a Romeo and Juliet love story set in steam punk world where civilized people live on massive steam powered vessels Colbert Porpentine is the Romeo of this tale and also the grandson of the supreme commander of the Worldshaker dreadnought Col as it turns

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    It s hard to give a rating to this book because I disliked the beginning and enjoyed the end.There are a few things that bothered me that I can overlook, the length of the chapters being an example short chapters are one of my biggest pet peeves, in this book the chapters av

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    I picked this up in the adult book reading section and really think it needed to be over in the young adult section as I think the book would sit better there It was enjoyable read The world Harland has created has a great deal of interest and there was enough smattering of a bac

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here In terms of understanding the factors that cause a powerful family to plot and twist the truth to create a good image, this book is fabulous, but readers not only get to see why family alliances are import

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