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The Year of the Beast He Is One Of The Best We Ve Ever Had Geraldine BrooksOne Of Australia S Finest And Most Critically Acclaimed Writers Returns With A Powerful Novel That Goes Back To The Very Beginning Of The Story, To Bring His Sweeping Glenroy Series To A Magnificent Close.Melbourne, 1917 The Times Are Tumultuous, The City Is In The Grip Of A Kind Of Madness The Great War Is Raging, And It Is The Time Of The Hotly Contested Second Conscription Referendum Fights Are Raging On The Streets, Rallies For YES And NO Facing Off Against Each Other On Opposing Corners Men, Women And Children, Jostling, Brawling, Fighting And Spitting.Through These Streets Walks Maryanne, Forty Years Old, Unmarried And Seven Months Pregnant These Are Uncertain, Dangerous Times For A Woman In Her Position And She Is Facing A Difficult Choice A Choice Which Gets Urgent By The Day Whether To Give Her Child Up For Adoption As The Church Insists She Does, Or To Keep Her Child And Face An Uncertain Future.A Powerful Novel Of A Time, A City And A Woman, The Year Of The Beast Is Steven Carroll At His Best A Rhythmic, Insistent And Pulsing Novel That Tells A Compelling Story Of Mothers, Families, And What It Means To Be An Individual, Standing Against The Surge Of The Crowd.

About the Author: Steven Carroll

Steven Carroll born 1949 is an Australian novelist He was born in Melbourne, Victoria and studied at La Trobe University He has taught English at secondary school level, and drama at RMIT He has been Drama Critic for The Sunday Age newspaper in Melbourne Steven Carroll is now a full time writer living in Melbourne with his partner and their son.

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    I am a longtime fan of Steven Carroll and this gorgeous book can be either the beginning or ending to the Glenroy series, either way it fits beautifully.Carroll s short, lyrical sentences pack such a descriptive, powerful and evocative punch Despite being set in such a tumultuous time in Melbourne, despite the emphasis on war, killing,

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    This gorgeous novel is the final title in Steven Carroll s award winning Glenroy series The series, set in the Melbourne suburb of Glenroy, began with the story of Vic, his wife Rita, and their only son Michael in The Art of the Engine Driver 2001 , and continued with The Gift Of Speed 2004 , The Time We Have Taken 2007 , Spirit of Progress 201

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    Fate had singled her out Chronologically, The Year of the Beast is the beginning of Steven Carroll s award winning Glenroy series The series is set in the Melbourne suburb of Glenroy, and contains the following books The Art of the Engine Driver 2001 , The Gift of Speed 2004 , The Time We Have Taken 2007 , Spirit of Progress 2011 , Forever Young 2015 an

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    A really good central character and a glimpse into a familiar world at an unfamiliar time I find Carroll s writing a little slow at times lots of internal reflection and not much action but this was an interesting read.

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    Never in my wildest dreams would I claim to be capable of wordsmithery to the finely honed marvel of literary excellence that Steven Carroll presents to the Australian reading public, doing so for several decades now His Glenroy series his novels revolving around TS Eliot have been a mainstay in my own book perusing life for quite a while, with one of the above titles in

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    Regardless of being curious about a male author writing about a pregnant woman in the 1920s, I really wanted to like this book But it just left me wanting.The parts about Maryanne, becoming pregnant and wanting to keep the baby were real and understandable But the very real worry, that a single pregnant woman must have had of surviving, let alone flourishing, in that era, left me

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    I have re read all the Glenroy Series 1 5 this year in anticipation of this last novel being published, so my expectations were high I was not disappointed Although this is said to be the last , it is in fact a prequel Its focus is Maryanne, whose son Vic will be the engine driver of Glenroy 1 and whose grandson Michael will grow from boyhood to manhood and from aspiring cricketer to writ

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    I so admire Steven Carroll s writing and had eagerly awaited this last in his Glenroy series Taking the reader back to WWI and the turbulence of the 2nd conscription debate in Australia, Carroll creates his protagonist, Maryanne, who has a family history to give birth to Forty years old, unmarried and seven months pregnant when the novel begins, as an outsider Maryanne astutely observes the beast

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    Set in my hometown but in the era of my parents youth I actually saw Archbishop Mannix in my own childhood and when he died all the Catholic schoolchildren had to file past his open coffin a terrifying sight As a 14 year old, I was taken in a school group by the nuns to visit the Broadmeadows home for mothers and babies That place haunted me for years and yes, just as he describes the babies did not cry Wh

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    This is the sixth and final book in Carroll s Glenroy novels I have only read two others in the series and like the others, this is a stand alone novel It is set in Victoria predominantly in 1917 18 and is a prequel to the series In this book, Maryanne, the free thinking spinster will give birth to Vic, the train driver of the later series Maryanne lives in Daylesford Hepburn Springs and has a lustful relationship

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