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The Triplet's First Thanksgiving The baby buggy containing the pink clad triplets arrives at the ranch with a note asking Kurt McCabe to step up to the plate Being a son of that honorable, family first clan, he d never turn his back on a person three miniature persons in need But he can t do it alone That s where Paige Chamberlain comes inThe pediatric surgeon is ready to start her own family, with or without a husband But foster parenting the adorable infant girls, even temporarily, is an offer no woman who longs for a child can resist Even if it means sharing baby detail with the devilishly handsome vetPaige s old childhood rivalThey may or may not be his, but Kurt s getting used to having the tiny tykes and Paige around the ranch And he just thought of the perfect solution

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    First of all, the lady has never seen these babies before and when she sees them for the first time she says something like oh, what beautiful blue eyes Problem is the babies are sleeping I doubt all 3 babies sleep with their eyes open This happens AGAIN halfway through the book Really bad editing Also the babies on the cover do not have blue eyes How hard it is it to at

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    From my blog time I chose The Triplet s First Thanksgiving by Cathy Gillen Thacker, which is the first time I read a book by this author I was on one of the libraries e book sites I saw this beautiful cover of triplets in adorable outfits One in a pumpkin, one in a pea pod, I think a cornucopia if I am wrong, please let me know The author, Cathy Gillen Thacker, has a beautiful

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