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The Redemption of Jake Scully The Loner and the Lady Saloon owner Jake Scully knew his rough frontier town was no place for a delicate lady like Lacey Stewart Once, he d sheltered her from harm Ten years later, Lacey was no longer a frightened girl, but a woman grown She deserved a respectable man, not a jaded rogue like JakeAnd Jake s delicate lady had a mind of her own with ideas that included introducing Jake to a life of love and faith, no matter how hard he tried to keep his distance But when danger began stalking her again, Jake realized the only safe place for Lacey was by his side I have been reading a lot of Love Inspired books lately, mostly because they are clean, light and fluffy and they pass the time while I am nursing They are usually decent, but nothing to write home about This one though, was quite good I enjoyed the interactions between characters and they seemednatural than in many of this type book The relationship developed in a believable way, in a believable time frame It also had a strong faith element which didn t feel pushy It was sweet. The romance in this going on between Jake and Lacey was sweet and really awesome I loved every plot twist, every danger, and of course the romance I didn t expect I would since it s both a historical and christian and I was suprised at how much I enjoyed this book. One of the best books I ve read in a while Usually about half way through the book, I m thinking, get on with the story, but this book kept the story moving throughout the book.

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