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The Last Dance: Encountering Death and Dying Offers An Interdisciplinary Introduction To Death, Dying, And Bereavement Integrating The Experiential And The Scholarly, As Well As The Emotional And Intellectual Dimensions Of Death And Dying, This Seventh Edition Provides Coverage Of Death Studies

10 thoughts on “The Last Dance: Encountering Death and Dying

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    This book was an incredibly informative read The subject of death can be a difficult one to study, and there were definitely parts during the book that I was feeling uncomf

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    It was a textbook for a course that I thought would actually be interesting I thought there would be a lotinformation about different cultures and their death beliefs rituals but rea

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    The best book I ve read on death and dying issueseverything from cultural attitudes on death to the psychological impact of different types of death ie, death of a child, suicide,etc , and the

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    Absolutely adored this book, and extremely positive response from students I used it for a Death, Grief, Dying course It also served as my first introduction to the field, so I appreciated its straightf

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    This doesn t seem like the average read, but it actually is very interesting It is a look into the study of death and dying, and the subjects, problems and procedures surrounding death Main topics include cultura

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    Used this book for a Sociology class Very helpful and a good read.

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    This book islike a text book, and is full of information I did not read it cover to cover, but selected parts to read that I thought would help me understand death and grieving I recently lost a loved one This book helped me gather

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    This was my textbook for a course called Death and Dying It was very interesting and provided a lot of information My favorite parts were about how different cultures in the world and in different times dealt with the same events I don t see

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    Read this for my Psychology of Death and Dying class and really enjoyed One of the most interesting textbooks I ve had to read in a long time Definitely recommend this class to anyone, or just read the book.

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    Social and Psychological Aspects of Death Dying GERO 437 Fall 2005This class and this fantastic textbook and, to be entirely fair, a fantastic professor turned me into a Gerontology major Bravo Social and Psychological Aspects of Death Dying GERO 437 Fall 2005Th

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