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The Heir Affair After A Scandalous Secret Turns Their Fairy Tale Wedding Into A Nightmare, Rebecca Bex Porter And Her Husband Prince Nicholas Are In Self Imposed Exile The Public Is Angry The Queen Is Even Angrier And The Press Is Salivating Cutting Themselves Off From Friends And Family, And Escaping The World S Judgmental Eyes, Feels Like The Best Way To Protect Their Fragile, All Consuming RomanceBut When A Crisis Forces The New Duke And Duchess Back To London, The Band Aid They D Placed Over Their Problems Starts To Peel At The Edges Now, As Old Family Secrets And New Ones Threaten To Derail Her New Royal Life, Bex Has To Face The Emotional Wreckage She And Nick Left Behind With The Queen, With The World, And With Nick S Brother Freddie, Whose Sins May Not Be So Easily Forgotten Nor Forgiven

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    Well, it tooktime for me to finish it because I had to turn back and read the first book to capture the main idea and soul of the book, meeting with characters, their struggles, dilemma ext But as far as I see, the authors are real clairvoyants because they can truly see the future They already guessed an American girl s introducing to the royal family before Meghan and Harry hit the road and move to Canada now we welcomed them to Ca

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    I like to think of myself as a modern woman, with modern, high minded notions of femininity, sex, and relationships Someone who s long since disabused herself of idealistic, archaic ideas like having a soulmate, living happily ever after, and needing a man to be happy In layman s terms, I m a strong, independent woman who don t need no man but wouldn t terribly mind having one so long as he doesn t affect my work But make no mistake, if

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    LISTEN HERE I can t even begin to tell you how much I loved the first book, much less how many times I ve reread it I don t have free time not because I m a busy person, but because I spend most of it rereading the The Royal We anyways Freddie Bex Nick I m invested in their lives, thankyouverymuch, and now I get to be eveninvested in them Seriously though, this book sounds and fingers crossed it is like it s going to befocused on Freddie who

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    It s wild to think how much things have changed since Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan published the first book in this series Back in 2015, the idea of an American marrying into the royal family was the stuff of wishful fan fiction it s now 2020, and not only did a very cool American become part of The Firm, she and her royal husband also left The Firm withflair than even the most imaginative among us could ve dreamt up What A World The Heir Af

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    This is a sequel to The Royal We, but I was honestly hoping their next book would be about Freddie meeting his wife instead Blog The Bookish Expedition and Instagram moonspree This is a sequel to The Royal We, but I was honestly hoping their next book would be about Freddie meeting his wife instead Blog The Bookish Expedition and Instagram moonspree

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    After the tumultuous Royal Wedding That Was, Bex and Nick are in hiding Hiding from the angry public, who feel betrayed by Bex the Scoundrel, and hiding from the wrath of the Queen But you can t run from your family, and you can t run forever, and so Bex and Nick slap a band aid on their fragile romance and start their return to public life Can they make it Do they even want to While I adored The Royal We, I liked this one even better Bex is forced to a

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    This was the best sequel I ve ever read The characters were beautifully consistent even as they grew and took on new adventures and I savored every moment of being back with Bex, Nick, Freddie and the whole gang Also, side note a certain baseball chapter absolutely brought me to the happiest of tears

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    Well, Bex and Nick barely managed to get married in the first book, The Royal We,but the scandal that came before their wedding caused the couple to flee The couple are commoner Rebecca Porter and Prince Nicholas, now Duke and Duchess They manage to spend a couple of months in exile, a decision of their own choosing Everyone else in the royal family, however, must deal with the ugly aftermath of the events that occurred before the wedding.After a call that rath

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    RTC close or on release date

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    free review copy Fellow royal romance fans, I didn t think it was possible to top THE ROYAL WE but I loved this one maybe ten timesLOVE LOVE LOVE I inhaled and adored this story but am now heartbroken it s over It s the first book I ve been actually able to lose myself in since February 2020 and an absolutely heavenly comfort in the hellfire that is America right now in May 2020.

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About the Author: Heather Cocks

Heather Cocks is a die hard sports fan, a Leo, an ex reporter, a Notre Dame grad, a dual citizen of the U.S and U.K., a sandwich enthusiast, and a former producer for America s Next Top Model.Together, Heather and Jessica Morgan skewer celebrity fashion crimes on their popular blog, Go Fug Yourself, which draws millions of monthly readers and made Entertainment Weekly s Must List They have covered New York Fashion Week for Cosmopolitan and New York magazine, and have written two young adult novels, Spoiled and Messy The Royal We, their debut contemporary fiction novel, comes out April 7.

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