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The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test Tom Wolfe S Much Discussed Kaleidoscopic Non Fiction Novel Chronicles The Tale Of Novelist Ken Kesey And His Band Of Merry Pranksters In The 1960s, Kesey Led A Group Of Psychedelic Sympathizers Around The Country In A Painted Bus, Presiding Over LSD Induced Acid Tests All Along The Way Long Considered One Of The Greatest Books About The History Of The Hippies, Wolfe S Ability To Research Like A Reporter And Simultaneously Evoke The Hallucinogenic Indulgence Of The Era Ensures That This Book, Written In 1967, Will Live Long In The Counter Culture Canon Of American Literature.

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    You know those books that blew your mind in high school Like Siddhartha or anything by Bukowski or Nietzche and you read it in a cafe trying to look cool to the older hippies who ran the place and one of them sleazed up to you and said, you have beautiful skin and gave you a copy of Tom Wolfe s book on the Merry Pranksters and tried to get you to go out

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    I think this should have been half the length Most pages seemed as though Tom Wolfe was simply describing some seventies hippy picture in as much detail as possible It would have beeneffective if he just showed me the picture.

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    On the bus or off the bus The trolley glided along the tracks Hovering, floating, flying The ticket checker, his name tag read Mitchell, had the head of a warthog Feed the bee , he said What Jeff seemed trapped in a powerful time space vortex His hands looked rubbery, like Plastic Plastic Man But drawn by a meth freak A bunny, half gold, half silver, Day Glo halo

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    These nut jobs actually came to Houston with their bus and parked it two doors down from my best friend in Houston Around 1969, moon, Led Zeppelin touring, people taking LSD and sitting on the hill in Hermann Park staring at the sun My older brother and sister would drag me along to look at the hippies then the next day in the paper would be another story of a young H

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    A mega doozy A unique fauxdopey emblem of hippie Americana that blows angelic trumpets in your face with the celebration of a dadaesque topsy turvy rover s lifestyle So, oh so VERY unique Is it all nonfiction Really Or is it a horror film in disguise no, no, just hear me out wherein body snatchers captivate the fragile minds of the youth, ensnaring them in major LSD consum

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    This book was a huge disappointment It s hard to believe that a book that included so many interesting people, Ken Kesey, Allen Ginsbergh and Neal Cassady just to name a few, could be so tedious and uninteresting Wolfe s descriptions are clunky and monotonous This is a guy who is about as square and straight as they come attempting to describe to his readers what it was like fo

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    I love anything to do with the hippie movement I m looking at the era through idealist eyes but it was such a time of great change, great music, great clothes and freedom After my midterm on Tuesday I was lucky enough to find an old 68 edition of this book being given away for free at the student trade shelf, and it was excellent Bizarre, funny, interesting and unforgettable, The El

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    What we are, we re going to wail with on this whole trip What Ken Kesey is is a prick, so let s not get any delusions about that But most great leaders are pricks, and the case Wolfe is making in this masterful biography is that Kesey, in his way, was a great leader His early days on the Furthur bus, discovering LSD and inventing the psychedelic movement, come off like Stanley or Shackle

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    First time around, this book positively made me want to try acid Jury s still out on that one, folks.

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    I don t want to be rude to you fellows from the City, but there s been things going on out here that you would never guess in your wildest million years, old buddyOh, to having lived in the Sixties All the things people whisper and get reminiscent about today comes alive in The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test It certainly was a ride, in the most literal sense of the word.I mean, this book is nuts Craz

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