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Barons Of Texas: Tess  (The Barons Of Texas) (Silhouette Desire, 1240) LOVE AT FIRST SIGHTTess Baron Knew She Was In Trouble The Second She Laid Eyes On The Mysterious And Oh So Sexy Stranger Why Had Nick Trejo Suddenly Appeared, Asking Her For A Private Meeting And What Was It About Nick That Made Tess Long To Be In His Arms Nick Was On A Quest To Discover His Family S Fortune, And He Wasn T Going To Let Some Beautiful Heiress Stand In His Way Even If He Was Falling In Love With Her Or Could The Treasure He D Been Searching For His Entire Life Be Less Precious Than The Treasure He D Just Found Tess S Love The Barons Of Texas Meet The Baron Sisters Tess, Jill And Kit Inheriting The Family Fortune Is Easy But What About Falling In Love Where did the review go I really like this series because all heroines are extremely capable business women Their father wasn t really a trooper though, and they grew up in a very competitive environment that ruined all familial feelings between the sisters Now that their father is dead, they are all three owner of their department of the company, with the caveat that they have to make a big enough profit in the first couple of years to keep the ownership.Tess will make her target with this last drill she s in the oil business , but then Nick shows up with a request to wait with drilling because he wants to excavate a Spanish gold ship There s a lot of attraction between them from the start, but unfortunately they have opposing interests.I really like this story because Tess and Nick come from very different backgrounds, only she is the one with the tough childhood and he s the one with the loving family So it s also Nick who shows Tess that business isn t everything, and that love and warmth and family have a place in life too It was so great to see the roles reversed Lovely book I didn t like the emotional blackmail that Nick put Tess through, that was really not okay I was with her all the way until she refused to tell Nick the truth about why she couldn t stop drilling, that is It would ve explained everything to him and he would ve backed off But no, rather than telling him what was going on, she let him think she was a greedy bitch Convoluted, IMHO. Heroine is all business because she was raised by a cold father and taught to be competitive even with her siblings The hero wants her to stop drilling, a move that will cost her a great deal of money and Honestly, I had a hard time with the book, its characters and their actions Most importantly their falling in love wasn t believable for me.

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