The 5 Skinny Habits: How Ancient Wisdom Can Help You Lose

The 5 Skinny Habits: How Ancient Wisdom Can Help You Lose Weight and Change Your Life FOREVER In his own personal weight loss struggle, David Zulberg turned to the forgotten wisdom of the ancients Maimonides, Aristotle, Hippocrates, Galen, and even Benjamin Franklin to find consensus on ideal nutrition for optimum physical and emotional health Afteryears of studying volume upon volume, Zulberg distilled the teachings of humanity s greatest doctors and philosophers what he calls the Master Physicians and discovered something amazing Ancient doctors already knew what today s medical findings are rediscovering about what s best for human health, weight loss, disease prevention, and psychological well being On TheSkinny Habits diet plan, you ll harness the best of both worlds the ancient and the modern for long term success TheSkinny Habits explains the ancient understanding of health and its application to our lives in the st century with its supersize proportions There are no forbidden foods or food groups, and you can even enjoy a glass of wine with dinner Through a close study of ancient sources written by the Master Physicians, Zulberg integrates the spiritual, emotional, and physical components of health and weight loss Habit changes are at the core of the program With an easy five step plan, Zulberg tells readers how to incorporate one habit each week forweeks to achieve a healthier life His five steps streamline and simplify the process of becoming fit, ensuring that change is made for good A simple diet diary with positive affirmations and mindfulness makes self monitoring an effective and enjoyable part of the discovery By the end of the journey, readers have incorporated the habits into their routines so completely that they are no longer dieting but simply living a healthier life

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    I certainly have no argument with Maimonides advice, but rather with Zulberg s interpretations I think that he misses the main point processed food did not exist during Maimonides time That should be the essence of the diet I find the rest of it too constrained and keeping a food diary every day is not tenable

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    I won this book thru a First Reads contest This book has good ideas, making small changes instead of drastic changes which you will not maintain.It read at times like an infomercial though While I do not currently have any plans of following thru with the plan in the book, the idea appeals.I could see not following

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    This book is common sense, no nonsense approach to live life Ancient wisdom is which brings us into the 21st century if we are willing to adhere to the principles presented by those that came before as presented in the book We do live in a stressed filled world, we do eat foods that are not good for us and we don t exerci

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    I did not see the subtitle when I borrowed the book, and really not even until now on this website Maimonides Really Reallyof a philosophy book than a food eating advisory Not to my taste.

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    Best Lifestyle Book Ever.

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