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Taking the Reins If he never had to be responsible for anything ever again it would be too soon for him Jake Thompson never realized how many decisions he used to make in a day until he lost the nerve to make any and was forced to leave the army But he s starting to believe this horse therapy program they ve put him in might actually help to get past the nightmare of indecision he s faced since losing his troop And it s all because of instructor Charlotte Nicholson As if the recently widowed single mom in charge of the rehab farm doesn t have enough on her plate without Jake adding his problems to hers But being with Charlie makes him think beyond his pain to the future If seems as if he s being offered a second chance at happiness and all he needs to do is make the decision to take it Something far easier said than done

About the Author: Carolyn McSparren

Carolyn McSparren started writing when she was a teenager, and always planned to be a professional writer and a college professor That is, until she fell madly in love, dropped out of graduate school, and became a wife supporting a burgeoning opera singer husband That led to a three month trip to Germany that stretched into five years.She wound up living in Germany, France, Italy, and came home with a different husband and a 14 year old stepdaughter The writing got put on the back burner while she produced a daughter of her own and went back to graduate school at the University of Memphis to finish her Master s degree in English At that point she discovered that a graduate degree in English wouldn t buy a cup of coffee in a diner.She became a program coordinator at the executive center of the University of Memphis, where she designed management training, wrote brochures and press releases, designed and laid out brochures, and did everything from pour coffee to transport dignitaries.On the home front, she and her family moved to the country to breed and train hunter jumper horses About the time they moved, her daughter decided she preferred a social life to cleaning out the barn and left Carolyn with the whole operation With 18 horses, a full time job, a husband and family, four cats, and three dogs, there wasn t much time left for writing.Finally, Martha Shields, who is now a Silhouette author, dragged Carolyn to the meeting of the River City Romance Writers, and thence into a critique group Suddenly the time seemed right to get on with what she d longed to do all her life.That fall, Carolyn won a Maggie Award for an unpublished manuscript which has still not been published, by the way , and three years later she took early retirement from the university to write full time By that time, only three horses remained none of which Carolyn had ridden for much too long.The day that Harlequin called with an offer to buy The Only Child, the editor said, We want the book but Guess which were the only words Carolyn heard She didn t even tell her best friend about the offer for three weeks.Now, with seven Harlequin Superromances under her belt, and another couple in the works, she s finally living in what southerners call hog heaven She rides horses, writes books, works with the local chapter of RWA and with Sisters in Crime, is a member of Mystery Writers of America, and just so that she ll stay balanced, is a member of the Delta Dressage Association the local horse training group.She loves speaking to aspiring writers and adores book signings Finally, years after she first wanted to be a writer, she s managed to achieve her goal Now, if she can just manage to stay on her horse, everything should be great.

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