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Superfrog Is Back On Another Urgent Mission Rubbish From The Big, Grey City Is Polluting His Pond Once Again It Is Up To Everyone S Favourite Superhero To Save The Day Superfrog and the Big Stink

About the Author: Michael Foreman

Michael has worked on magazines, book jackets, animated films, TV adverts, and even for the police, sketching criminals described by witnesses As well as illustrating many of his own books, Michael has illustrated over a hundred books for authors such as Shakespeare, J M Barrie, the Brothers Grimm, Charles Dickens and Oscar Wilde Michael has travelled widely to Africa, Japan, the Arctic Circle, China and Malaysia, the Himalayas, Siberia and New Zealand to research his books I do a lot of research when I m travelling I find it thrilling to discover the particular art of different landscapes and work them into a book But I find I have to travel by myself, otherwise I m constantly getting involved in other people s impressions of a place I try to be invisible when I m travelling, so I tend to listen in on conversations rather than participate in them I just want to look and draw.

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    I can t recall seeing a picture book with a review posted on the cover This one, as written by Independent, says, Michael Foreman deserves all the applause he gets Yes, he deserves the one star rating.Basically, Superfrog teaches children they can save the world from pollution with the power of farting Imagine what they could do if they all just shat their pants

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    Wow, the power of farting So all we need to find is a frog with gas and that would solve all our environmental problems.

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