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So Much Life Left Over A sweeping, heartbreaking novel following Daniel in his troubled marriage with Rosie as they navigate the unsettled time between the World WarsRosie and Daniel have moved to Ceylon with their little daughter to start a new life at the dawn of the s, attempting to put the trauma of the First World War behind them, and to rekindle a marriage that gets colder every day However, even in the lush plantation hills it is hard for them to escape the ties of home and the yearning for fulfilment that threatens their marriageBack in England, Rosie s three sisters are dealing with different challenges in their searches for family, purpose and happiness These are precarious times, and they find themselves using unconventional means to achieve their desires Around them the world is changing, and when Daniel finds himself in Germany he witnesses events taking a dark and forbidding turnBy turns humorous and tragic, gripping and touching, So Much Life Left Over follows a cast of unique and captivating characters as they navigate the extraordinary interwar years both in England and abroad

About the Author: Louis de Bernières

Novelist Louis de Berni res was born in London in 1954 He joined the army at 18 but left after spending four months at Sandhurst After graduating from the Victoria University of Manchester, he took a postgraduate certificate in Education at Leicester Polytechnic and obtained his MA at the University of London Before writing full time, he held many varied jobs including landscape gardener, motorcycle messenger and car mechanic He also taught English in Colombia, an experience which determined the style and setting of his first three novels, The War of Don Emmanuel s Nether Parts 1990 , Se or Vivo and the Coca Lord 1991 and The Troublesome Offspring of Cardinal Guzman 1992 , each of which was heavily influenced by South American literature, particularly magic realism.In 1993, he was selected as one of the 20 Best of Young British Novelists 2 promotion in Granta magazine His fourth novel, Corelli s Mandolin, was published in the following year, winning the Commonwealth Writers Prize Best Book It was also shortlisted for the Sunday Express Book of the Year Set on the Greek island of Cephalonia during the Second World War, the novel tells the story of a love affair between the daughter of a local doctor and an Italian soldier It has become a worldwide bestseller and has now been translated into over 30 languages A film adaptation of the novel was released in 2001, and the novel has also been adapted for the stage In 2001, Red Dog was published a collection of stories inspired by a statue of a dog encountered on a trip to a writers festival in Australia in 1998 Prizes and awards1991 Commonwealth Writers Prize Eurasia Region, Best First Book The War of Don Emmanuel s Nether Parts1992 Commonwealth Writers Prize Eurasia Region, Best Book Se or Vivo and the Coca Lord1994 Sunday Express Book of the Year shortlist Corelli s Mandolin1995 Commonwealth Writers Prize Overall Winner, Best Book Corelli s Mandolin1995 Lannan Literary Award Fiction 1997 British Book Awards Author of the Year2004 Whitbread Novel Award shortlist Birds Without Wings2005 Commonwealth Writers Prize Eurasia Region, Best Book shortlist Birds Without Wings Top of page

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    Louis de Bernieres writes a beautiful, emotionally heart tugging, often humorous, epic look at the lives that survived the horrors and losses of WW1, focusing on the inter war years and the human costs incurred at the beginnin

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    I may well have enjoyed this bookhad I realised it was book two of a series with the Novel The Dust That Falls from Dreams being the first in the Series by Louis de Bernieres I picked this one up in hard copy and it didn t state that

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    A warm hearted saga of two families recovering from World War 1 and catching up with the modernism of the age Daniel is a half Brit, half French man who was an aviator in the war and now runs a tea plantation and factory in Ceylon Sri Lanka

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    Daniel was a legendary WWI Flying Ace, a survivor of the war now facing an immensity of endless days filled with trivialities As a tea manufacturer in Ceylon, he has the company of Hugh who was also a pilot in the war, and a bright future in an ex

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    If you have been embroiled in a war in which you confidently expected to die, what were you supposed to do with so much life unexpectedly left over That s the question Louis de Berni res seeks to answer in SO MUCH LIFE LEFT OVER, his second novel about t

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    This story sneaked up on me and its full impact didn t hit me until the final chapters Throughout the reading ofthan two thirds of this, I was wondering why I was supposed to care about the characters They felt shallow, unsympathetic, unlikeable, somewhat petty

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    This is a book with a complex storyline and many different characters Upon reading it I didn t realise it s actually a sequel to another book The Dust That Falls From Dreams I don t feel like I missed anything by not having read the previous book, but on the other han

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    So much book left over.When authors come to the second volume in a trilogy, they sometimes manage a subtly interwoven catch up which is much appreciated by those of us with less than stellar memories Unfortunately, this is not the case here But no matter because a desperatel

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    After I finished reading, The Dust That Falls from Dreams , I expressed my hope that Louis de Bernieres would follow it with a sequel, as I wasn t ready to let those marvelous characters go Well, de Bernieres latest novel, So Much Life Left Over , is indeed a sequel, and I m ecstat

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    Prepare for infatuation and heartbreak In SO MUCH LIFE LEFT OVER, the reader holds in her hands an entire world where she will become intimates of the men and women on the pages These characters are both traumatized and cause trauma They make awful decisions from the small and foolish to

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