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Scarlet After losing everything he owns, forester Will Scarlet embarks on a search for none other than King Raven, whose exploits have already become legendary After fulfilling his quest and proving him

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    With this volume, Lawhead continues his deft re imagining of the Robin Hood legend, set in the Welsh Marches of the late 1000s There s no second book in the trilogy slump here the story arc moves steadily forward, and the telling is suspenseful and well paced All of the general comments from my review of t

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    When I was a boy we lived on a farm There were no public libraries where I could go and money was tightso books were a bit scarce The small school library, a World Book EncyclopediaProgressive Farmer magazine and a few books around the house were all I had access to In the summer I often reread books I d read b

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    I enjoyed Hood the first book in this series and stuck with it until the end of the book, but it didn t instantly inspire me to pick up book two So it was several months before I found myself leafing through the first pages of Scarlet, but oh how glad I am that I did.Here Will Scarlet takes the lead narrative and PO

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    Oh, Stephen Lawhead, how I love your books.Lawhead s latest project is a re telling of the Robin Hood legend This is the second book in the trilogy, told from the perspective of Will Scarlet A good deal of the story is relayed, by Scarlet, to a monk he refers to as Odo while he is imprisoned.I consistently enjoy Stephen

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    I m really loving this series I had a hard time putting this book down I like how Lawhead writes and I especially love how he weaves in the Celtic theme At times, I feel like I m there, as if I m one of the inner circle fighting the good fight alongside Bran and company I love that quality in a book, probablythan any other I

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    Scarlet is at least an improvement over Hood There are sympathetic characters and an actual plotline, even if it s near hopelessly muddied by transitions between Scarlet as narrator and actual third person omniscient in two separate chunks of timeline.Scarlet s verbal tics calling people fella and using en t for isn t come and go,

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    Accidentally hit something that deleted my review before I saved it Grrrrr I read the book that comes before this one, Hood, and began this one right away I was kind of disappointed that instead of going right on from the previous book which ended rather abruptly, this one began a year or two later with Bran s man known as Will Scarlet

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    23Jan154.5 starsThe decision to change the narrative scheme from the first book where everything was told in third person to Will narrating the majority of the tale to a priest while he s in prison was a very interesting choice It really served to drive home the fact that this was a very different character from Bran Will told his story ver

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    As bad as the first, but painfully narrated in Lawhead s approximation of a Yorkshire accent The result is, if anything,like bastardized West Country than Northern It s like expecting Richard Sharpe and getting Hagrid on weed As bad as the first, but painfully narrated in Lawhead s approximation of a Yorkshire accent The result is, if anything,l

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    Overall, I liked Scarlet about ten times as well as I liked Hood It still took me months to read, but this time it was because I had to set it aside to read a few things that I had a deadline for However, this book was exciting and enjoyable, with a great mix of danger and emotion, and even some fun here and there This book is narrated by Will Scatlo

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