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Sapphistries: A Global History of Love Between Women From The Ancient Poet Sappho To Tombois In Contemporary Indonesia, Women Throughout History And Around The Globe Have Desired, Loved, And Had Sex With Other Women In Beautiful Prose, Sapphistries Tells Their Stories, Capturing The Multitude Of Ways That Diverse Societies Have Shaped Female Same Sex Sexuality Across Time And PlaceLeila J Rupp Reveals How, From The Time Of The Very Earliest Societies, The Possibility Of Love Between Women Has Been Known, Even When It Is Feared, Ignored, Or Denied We Hear Women In The Sex Segregated Spaces Of Convents And Harems Whispering Words Of Love We See Women Beginning To Find Each Other On The Streets Of London And Amsterdam, In The Aristocratic Circles Of Paris, In The Factories Of Shanghai We Find Women S Desire And Love For Women Meeting The Light Of Day As Japanese Schoolgirls Fall In Love, And Lesbian Bars And Clubs Spread From S Berlin To S Buffalo And We Encounter A World Of Difference In The Twenty First Century, As Transnational Concepts And Lesbian Identities Meet Local Understandings Of How Two Women Might Love Each OtherGiving Voice To Words From The Mouths And Pens Of Women, And From Men S Prohibitions, Reports, Literature, Art, Imaginings, Pornography, And Court Cases, Rupp Also Creatively Employs Fiction To Imagine Possibilities When There Is No Historical Evidence Sapphistries Combines Lyrical Narrative With Meticulous Historical Research, Providing An Eminently Readable And Uniquely Sweeping Story Of Desire, Love, And Sex Between Women Around The Globe From The Beginning Of Time To The Present

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    I don t usually write reviews here, but it s a little disturbing to me that no one else is discussing the glaring problems in this book Rupp markets Sapphistries as a book about love between women , but her choices of who to include in and exclude from her res

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    In her introduction Leila clearly states that she is trying to set out a book that will include a Global history of same sex desire and love between women, stating how so many focus on the west ie Europe and the United States and ignore the rest of the world She then pr

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    I feel a little badly giving this book only two stars because it accomplished what it sought out to do, but I also feel there were several glaring omissions in content that I can t seem to ignore The author is clear in the beginning that she is seeking to provide a complete socia

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    This might be worth a read, if you want a reasonably short introduction to sapphistries The sources amassed were wide ranging, though mostly from a Western perspective, and many were new to me, including the Arab Sappho , a love spell addressed from one woman to another in Roman era Egypt,

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    A little dry for a book on the history of lesbianism footnotes galore , Sapphistries accomplishes its ambitious goal of providing a global history of love between women The global and historical context is interesting as Rupp highlights the ways in which lesbian love has been defined by both samenes

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    Some other readers said this was dry, but I found it remarkably accessible for an academic text While there s some problematic stuff going on here with trans identities which the author, to her credit, does try to address , and while bisexuality isn t directly addressed, the information here is incredibly val

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    A thoughtful academic treatment of written records of same sex relationships across a variety of historical and cultural context that is undermined by a problematic view of gender that loops trans men in with lesbians, largely ignores bisexuality as a distinct sexual identity, and does not include even the barest sugge

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    While this book made some interesting points, the exclusion of transwomen in a history of lesbianism is inexcusable What s worse may be the author s complete side stepping of the issue, obfuscating the transmisogynist politics at play Overall, I m shocked anyone could make a topic this interesting seem so boring.

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    A very good and diverse account of women loving women over time It s sad that this book isn t many times longer, but the documentation and stories it does have were great It s nice to see the similarities and differences among different cultures Also I loved the pictures, vintage lesbians yesss

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    Thorough lesbian historyAn excellent and very extensive history of lesbians of all kinds throughout the ages Extremely interesting and very educational, well researched.

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