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Only He s a man who fixes difficult situations She s the one thing he can t handle and the one thing he can t resistONLY Sebastian Jameson negotiates for high end clients who need problems taken care of quickly and discreetly Accustomed to being in control, he s still reeling from his ex wife s decision to write a tell all about their private life, one that highlighted their bedroom activities The fallout left Bast s love life in chaos, making him a magnet for women who thrive on risky fantasies, and a pariah to all othersKyra Royer knows all about Bast s reputation and is intrigued enough to try to change him into a one woman guy But getting him into her bed will be a challenge He s known her brother for years, and her brother, with his rough past and sniper abilities, is not a man you cross Kyra knows Bast thinks she s off limits, so she ll have to get creative to make him hersAs Kyra turns up the heat, Bast struggles to resist the sexy young woman s considerable charms But when Bast s job turns from tricky to deadly, keeping Kyra nearby might be the only way to keep her alive even if it means getting closer than he ever intended

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    3.5 starsI want to be your onlyKyra Royer So fucking hot, too damn young and totally offlimitsSebastianOh, you adorable, misguided, old fashioned sweetheartKyra just made her move, and shocked Sebastian into action He has been keeping his distance from the beautiful Kyra and now that he s

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    This book hit all my buttons and subverted all my least favorite tropes and there was an ex wife and she wasn t an evil slut and there was a younger woman and she wasn t a naive waif and there was a dirty hot rich hero and he worked ridonkulous hours and THERE WAS A BEARDED SNIPER WHO SAID Z

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    Disappointing to say it but DNFing this one for now at 50% It had potential but just nothing about it is working for me other than the hot cover You definitely need to read the other book in the series even though it s not labeled as a series here before this one There s too much carry over f

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    I enjoyed it but it kind of repeated itself

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    DNF 25%I really wanted to like this one but unfortunately there was WAY too much info dumping going on, as well as multiple POVs which I normally like but there was just too much going on.

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    We got a glimpse of attorney Sebastian Jameson in Mercy and right off the bad I wantedMore sexy attorney,controlling man,I loved him, I wanted to know him, I wanted to be consumed by him and HelenKay Dimon delivered Wade, whom we also met in Mercy, has a baby sister, Kyra, who he will protect wi

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    I liked Mercy a lotthan this book I really dislike women who enter into a relationship for sex with a man with the understanding that it s just going to be all about sex, then get mad when he doesn t have his feelings engaged That s two faced and bitchy And deciding to MAKE him love you is so not

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    Eh Didn t like this one Didn t hate it either Both our main characters, Kyra and Bast, ranged from mildly annoying to hit my head against the wall annoying Both were described at various times as being smart but they both continually did stupid things With Kyra, I think she annoyed methan Bast She

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    I expected this to be way dirtier after reading the first one and it s not that I m sad that it wasn t because the first one didn t always work for me , but it was sort of a case of unmet expectations But I liked the relationship negotiation between Bast and Kyra and I liked the resolution to Eli a

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    DNF at 38%I couldn t get into this story Kyra is too immature to handle a sex only relationship, and it showed When Bast left post coital, she whined When he couldn t make it for a hook up the next evening, she whined.

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