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Not Vanilla - Voyeurism This Erotic Duo Of Stories Will Take You Into The Intriguing World Of The Voyeur And The Exhibitionist.Watch Me By Jennifer Lynne Isabel And Her Sexy Neighbor Play An Erotic Game Of Voyeurism, But What Happens When Izzy S Husband Discovers Her Sunday Night Secret Lookin Good By Roz Lee Travis Knows The Secret Bailey Rose Keeps Tucked Away Deep Down Inside Will The Gifts He Brings Be Everything Her Heart Desires, Or Will It Tear Them Apart Forever Taste The Forbidden In This New Series From Two Bestselling Authors Watch Me By Jennifer LynneI Was So Afraid, When My Husband Uncovered My Secret Afraid He D Hate Me, Or Think Me Disgusting, Or Be Completely Turned Off Equally Scared This Watching Game I Play With Our Sexy Neighbor Might Be Shut Down For Good Can William Bring Himself To Join My Addictive Sunday Night Ritual, Or Will He Force Me To Choose Between The Man I Love, And The Sexual Urges That Consume Me IsabelLookin Good By Roz LeeI Wish I Had Never Told Travis My Deepest, Darkest Secret That I Like To Watch I Should Have Known He Would Want To Give Me My Heart S Desire I Love Him Than Anything, But I Hate Him For Using My Weakness To Try To Win Me Back Moreover, I Hate Myself For Not Being Able To Turn Down The Gifts He Brings Me Bailey RoseContains Erotic Content Suitable For Adult Readers Only.

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    Jennifer Lynne s Watch Me is a scorching hot read that explores at some depth and detail the voyeurism fetish.In short, the main character Isabel married young and to her childhood sweetheart in turn leaving her perhaps a little devoid of sexual independence and discovery Add to that, her husband has recentl

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    A tantalizing glimpse into the world of erotic pleasures.Taste the forbidden That phrase takes on new meaning with this series and in both of these teasing novelettes the reader gets two sizzling glimpses at the pleasure of voyeurism but they also get the emotional impact as well The authors bring the stories to life

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    If you want a couple of quick reads about voyeurism, then read this book Yes there are two stories here and they are far from Vanilla One is about a woman who has an obsession with her neighbor and their Sunday dates where he screws his partner for the day so she can watch and masterbate from her apartment.The other is about a

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    3.75 stars ABOUT THE BOOK Release Date May 19, 2015Taste the forbidden in a sexy duo by bestselling authors Roz Lee Jennifer Lynne These novelette length stories will take you into the erotic world of the watcher and the watched, offering a tantalizing glimpse into a range of flavors that are definitely not vanilla Watch Me by Jennifer L

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    Watch Me actually comes first in the book, so I m going to discuss it first Both stories are told in first person, and to me that just makes the characters so muchapproachable I really expected a short sex filled story, but the plot in this was huge The character s interactions with each other weren t one dimensional There were facets and layers t

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    WOW where to start with this review I loved both stories, but I will warn readers that these are most definitely EROTIC tales and not for anyone with delicate sensibilities WATCH ME by Jennifer Lynne HOT does not even begin to describe this story and the content is erotic to the extreme Anyone who reads this and denies being so turned on they are squirming

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    What happens when two erotic writers collaborate on one very taboo topic Sizzling fireworks, hot scenes, and whew, is it hot in here or is it me Voyeurism The word alone evokes a range of response from pubescent giggles to derisive sneers In between lies the truth we can t look away.In these stories we meet two very different women and their lovers, real and imagined

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    NOT VANILLA VOYEURISM is a collection of two brief stories both about the pleasures of watching Watch Me by Jennifer Lynne is the first story and it tells the tale of a lonely wife who discovers she has a sexy neighbor, who likes to be watched It becomes a Sunday night ritual for Isabel to stand at her window and wait to see what sexually charged show her neighbor is going to

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    This is a hot sexy book featuring 2 Risqu stories about the voyeurism fetish by two excellent authors that will make you rethink what turns you on In the first story Watch Me a wife in a bit of a marital mess after her husband has cheated on her discovers the erotic pleasure of watching her sexy neighbor participate in sexual acts with various partners He knows she watches and they both

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    Watch Me by Jennifer LynneThe game is simple, Look but don t touch They have been playing this sensual, sexy game for a while now and it has become an addiction She loves to watch, he loves to give her a show, but her husband finds out and this adds another dimension to their game.Looking Good by Roz Lee Oh, how I love to play the virtuous woman when deep inside I m anything but That s the power

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