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Madeleine McCann - The Disappearance On the evening ofMay , Gerry and Kate McCann returned to their holiday apartment in the resort of Praia da Luz on Portugal s Algarve to every parents worst nightmare their daughter, three year old Madeleine Beth McCann had vanished from her roomThe first days and weeks after her disappearance saw an almost unparalleled level of media coverage, as the face of a blonde, giggly little girl and her grief stricken parents made front pages and news bulletins the world overHowever, as opportunities were missed and potential suspects questioned and released, including Gerry and Kate McCann themselves, accusations were levelled on all sides The competency of the Portuguese police was brought under severe scrutiny, whilst the international media and public has continued to wonder, fairly or not, how a group of parents could leave their young children alone as they dined elsewhere All the while, Madeleine is still missing and her fate remains unknownSpanish based investigative journalist Danny Collins has returned to Praia da Luz to re examine the case This is the story of what happened on that terrible night and what has followed since, piecing together the clues and false leads from the original investigation with the Metropolitan Police s efforts in recent years to find Madeleine and solve one of the most talked about cases of the century

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    It s probably tricky to get a whole book out of an unsolved case in which there is no body, no witnesses, no evidence and a gagging order placed on everyone involved with the case but even with these restrictions this is very poor It s full of padding, a lot of irrelevan

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    this book I gave up reading due to all the politics in which I don t understand I found it hard to read.

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    Madeleine McCann s DisappearanceAfter viewing a documentary on this case, I was interested in learningI read a sample of the book before I purchased it In the beginning the author did what I thought was an excellent job in providing the facts of the case and put it in chronologica

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    Best book ever doesn t tell you where she went, and makes me love Kate with all my heart exceptional characters A moving tale Harrowing.

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    I m surprised this book was published It is lazily written and provides nothan a repetitive and patchy overview The analysis is clouded by the author s perceptions rather than fact led Each chapter feels like it is a standalone newspaper article The chapters dot backwards and forwards on ti

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    Nothing new in this revisit of the original story The first chapters contain some glaring contradictions which is annoying Also too, the fact that Danny Collins seems to have an opinion demonstrating a bit of bias against the McCanns for some reason, mars the reading experience Why does he not b

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    An interesting readI thought this was a good book on the case, but it was quite repetitive It started off very well, but dragged a bit towards the end and I had to force myself to keep reading

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    Quite repetitive in places and hard to get the facts straight But quite insightful and interesting to read another perspective on a book.

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    The book was too technical It provides no new information about the case.

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    i love this book it is sad

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