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Jerat-Jerat Cinta [Savage Seduction] Constantine Sioulas Adalah Laki Laki Dengan Gairah Primitif Jade Tahu Itu Tapi Ia Tak Percaya Ketika Lelaki Itu Bersikeras Akan Menikahinya, Padahal Mereka Belum Lama Berkenalan Hal Semacam Itu Tak Mungkin Terjadi Pada Gadis Seperti Dirinya, Bukan Tapi Constantine Dengan Segera Memperlihatkan Bahwa Ia Menikahi Jade Bukan Karena Cinta, Melainkan Demi Harga Dirinya Sendiri Ia Justru Membenci Pengkhianata Yang Menurutnya Dilakukan Jade Tapi, Setelah Terperangkap Dalam Pernikahan Ini, Jade Bertekad Akan Menikmati Kemahiran Khusus Suaminya Dalam Menghanyutkan Wanita

About the Author: Sharon Kendrick

I was told off as a child for making up stories little did I know that one day I d earn my living by writing them To the horror of my parents, I left school at sixteen and held a bewildering variety of jobs I was a London DJ in the now trendy Primrose Hill , a decorator and a singer After that I became a cook, a photographer and, eventually, a nurse I waitressed in the south of France, drove an ambulance in Australia, saw lots of beautiful sights but could never settle down Everywhere I went I felt like a square peg until one day I started writing again and then everything just fell into place I felt like Cinderella must have when the glass slipper fit Today, I have the best job in the world, writing passionate romances for Harlequin I like writing stories which are sexy and fast paced, yet packed full of emotion stories that readers will identify with, laugh and cry along with.My interests are many and varied chocolate and music, fresh flowers and bubble baths, films, cooking and trying to keep my home from looking burglarized Simple pleasures you can t beat them I live in Winchester, one of the most stunning cities in the world, but don t take my word for it come see for yourself I regularly visit London and Paris Oh, and I love hearing from my readers all over the world so I think it s over to you

10 thoughts on “Jerat-Jerat Cinta [Savage Seduction]

  1. says:

    H h meet on a Greek beach They are immediately smitten with each other and spend the last 3 days of the h s vacation together H asks her to marry him, but doesn

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    The heroine Jade, a tabloid reporter, is vacationing on a Greek island There she meets a Greek sexy alpha male Constantine She hides from him the fact that she is a sha

  3. says:

    Before I Read The Novel This could be bad..In The Novel So I m half way into it and I cannot believe how cruel Constantine is He reduces her to nothing and takes everything He

  4. says:

    The H was really sweet at the start, until he assumed that the h was out to screw him over, then he became a bastard Needless to say, his assumptions were waaay off base, but he tormen

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    Jade bertemu dengan Constantine saat tengah berlibur di Yunani Selama 4 hari terakhir liburannya, Constantine terus menemaninya Gairah antara mereka berdua pun meluap luap Hanya saja, Constant

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    Constantine baru bertemu dengan Jade, dan tanpa basa basi lgsg ngajak nikah Jade msh ragu, tapi tetap menghabiskan liburan dgn Constantine Constantine menutupi siapa dirinya, demikian jg dengan Jade K

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    Bagus Seru Lucu SweetConstantine terpaksa kalang kabut karena, gw lupa nama tokoh wanitanya, perasaannya terhadap wanita itu berbeda dari wanita wanita lain Constantine ingin sekali terus bersama tokoh wanita

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here He pretends to be a poor waiter Ignores and walks right by her in Hotel Lobby after he learns she is a reporter for a daily rag even tho

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    premis awalnya lumayan sih, tapi lagi lagi finishingnya bikin konflik yang dibangun di awal cerita jadi kayak masalah sepele barangkali novel harlequin ada standarnya ya, harus tamat sebelum dua ratus halaman, dan penyelesai

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    Mi primer Harlequin de Sharon Y la primera con la que empec la colecci n, tengo debilidad por estos personajes precisamente por ello Constantine Sioulas un personaje kind of cabr n demasiado duro y la prota demasiado blanda y r pida

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