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Insatiable His kiss had burned me up on the inside, and I couldn t stop thinking about it or him I am NOT like those other women When Vaughn Ward sets his sights on a woman, she always ends up in his bed crying out his name that night and cursing it the morning after The billionaire playboy has an unquenchable thirst for sexual conquests Not me, though I am a professional But as the youngest member of CM Advertising firm, it s my job to get to know our most important client To get to know exactly what he wants from us and how I can provide it I can resist his charms, his stares, and his flirts I know his reputation I won t be another notch on his bedpost But the longer I spend around him, the he seems determined to take me Use me Consume me And the I find out about him, the I want him too An excerpt Vaughn reached, his fingers wrapping around mine His skin was soft and warm against mine That warmth made me swallow I didn t pull back We looked out the window a little while longer before his eyes turned to me They weren t as clear as I d first thought No, there was a storm in them A storm that threatened to consume him and then me My mouth went dry My lips parted slightly He still didn t let go of my hand Quinn, he said Yes I want you And I know you want me, too Do you I replied That heat from his hand started spreading through me I tried telling myself that I did want him, but only on a physical level Who wouldn t But part of being an adult was knowing when to ignore what you wanted I could tell myself whatever I wanted and it didn t have any effect This close, he was magnetic Little electric tingles kept running across the surface of my skin, awakening all my senses It was like my body wanted to feel every sensation it could, and to the fullest extent The past and the future closed off, leaving only the present The world shrank until only Ward and I occupied it I wanted to pull my hand out of his, but I didn t I didn t want him to kiss me again, but I did I wanted that and I wanted all of it I wanted all of him I took a deep breath, but it didn t steady me at all I do You know, since we met I don t think than a few minutes have gone by without you in my thoughts, he said We still didn t look at each other We both seemed to know that if we let our eyes meet we wouldn t be able to stop what happened after I could look at his reflection safely, though, and I did It s only been a few days, I said, You hardly know me How can you think you want me so much Some things you just know right away, he replied His reflected face grinned We shouldn t, I said, wondering if I was trying to convince him or myself Maybe both Will you try and stop me Ward asked, his eyes regarding my reflection I didn t reply, because I didn t know the answer An additional excerpt from Vaughn s POV is included in the Look Inside

About the Author: Lucy Lambert

Lucy just loves to write romantic stories filled with steamy scenes She hopes her audience enjoys reading them as much as she enjoys writing them.You can sign up for her newsletter to receive the latest updates on new releases and promotions here copy and paste into your browser s address bar if you cannot click on the link.You can contact Lucy at lucylambertauthor

10 thoughts on “Insatiable

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    3.5 stars

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    Dear Lord save us from the Vapid,useless Man whores Deep sigh Dear Lord please save us from the vapid,lame and useless man whores Soo sick of the useless men who are soo shallow and useless,who can t keep it in their pants forthat 5 seconds, ESPECIALLY when they SUPPOSEDLY can t stop thinking about the heroine of the book h doesn t just fall immediately into my bed or onto my cock soo I

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    Cute, predictable and tame I would expect a book titled Insatiable to be well, not tame The story wasn t bad In fact, it was downright entertaining I had a few issues with some plot points, but they re definitely just the overanalyzing of details I tend to do I, however, did have a minor problem with the characters I like my female leads to be a littleexciting When she wasn t milquetoast y, Quinn

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    Fast and light read one of those insta love story were nothing else really matter in the story characters life are very little shared some bits here and there so there s not much to connect to Heroine was a strong self suficiente woman who actually push his lover to say the 3 words to her or she leave him not so strong when you make demands like a needy psycho yeah well nothing romantic on psychological m

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    very good nice quick read for me it was a bit instalove.but it didn t bother me too much I was annoyed a little at Quinn because she tells him after they have known each other for a month that she is taking for him and she gets upset that he doesn t say the same yes it took a lot for her to say that and he knows that but he also has issues with relationships and she knows that but she doesn t understand our give h

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    I loved this book the author did an amazing job describing the main characters and the story itself What I loved the most was the MC S development throughout the story, even though, that the book was relatively short The author created a perfect combination of small details that made this book unique and fresh I loved Quinn she was a strong, independent and sweet heroine and Vaughn was the perfect complement to her charact

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    Insatiable is right Perfect title for this book I couldn t get enough of it Quinn and Vaughn make this story come to life and I think I gained yet another book boyfriend There were some spelling and grammar errors but not enough to take any stars away This book was genuinely good and I would definitely give it the full 5 stars again.

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    Quirky It s not a long story but it s funny I loved how professional Quinn was with trying to do her job, handle an ugly co worker, and trying to handle Vaughn All around it was a cute and funny read The serious side didn t quite grab me otherwise I would have made it 5 stars.

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    Good read I still didn t understand his issues, and after a while didn t care.It s a good story and worth your time So enjoy The characters are good eve though they aren t fleshed out enough, but not enough to ruin the read Just ignore the lack of character background and go with the here and now.

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    It was not badI liked the book but it didn t reach out and suck me in I never really connected with the main characters I liked the writing style there are few errors in the digital copy but not enough to annoy.

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