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In the Shelter of His Arms Abandoned As A Child, Roz Bennett Has Never Felt She Belonged Anywhere Now, Just When She Thinks She S Lucked Out Again, With No Money And A Broken Down Car In The Middle Of Nowhere, She S Rescued.Handsome, Brooding Mason Stricker Offers Roz A Lifeline A Comfy Bed, Delicious Food And A Job He Treats Her Like She S A Very Special, Very Attractive Woman Roz Has Never Had That Before Never Been Loved, Or Cherished, Or Wanted Her Instinct Is To Flee To Protect Herself In Case It All Goes Wrong She Must Fight That Instinct In Order To Find Her One True Loveher Mason Her Home This is a sweet, angsty story It s not complicated, just a lovely little romance and I liked it a lot. Great story with original plot and wonderful characters Mason is a true hero brave, smart, sexy compassionate and Roz has a remarkable spirit and sense of humor They make a delightful couple and it was a true pleasure to watch them falling in love Read this, you won t be sorry He so does have a white knight syndrome that he self diagnosed The h despite her extreme poverty never had stolen for greed but only for need or bartered for sex and the H is an excop PI Bar owner future politician In this fairy tale, the H falls in love with an illiterate girl who he finds walking on the highway after her car broke down and she does a BE for staying In the Shelter of his Arms by Jackie Braun began as one of the most unique contemporary romance stories I ve ever read The heroine, Roz Bennett was abandoned when she was three years old and found wandering downtown Detroit in only a diaper All her life she s never known a home, never known or trusted in love Her goal at the start of the story is to keep going west through the Upper Peninsula U.P., eh to Wisconsin However, her car dies and also ends up abandoning her in the middle of Nowhere, Michigan during winter But along comes our hero, Mason Stricker, an ex cop, ex private investigator, who is back home to Chance Harbor for a second chance at life He makes it clear to the reader he has White Knight Syndrome and can t help rescuing damsels in distress But despite all his internal struggles, he swoops down, takes Roz back to his bar, and offers her a job.I was gripped by the beginning of the story Roz seemed like she had nowhere else to go and I was anxious to continue reading until I knew she would be okay Even though she seemed street smart and savvy, she didn t have a car, money, or the means to get anywhere We also learn that because of a learning disability that was never really explained she never graduated from high school There were so many ways her life could have gone, so many bad things that did and could have happened to her, but readers only learned

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