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Dune (Dune Chronicles, #1) Set In The Far Future Amidst A Sprawling Feudal Interstellar Empire Where Planetary Dynasties Are Controlled By Noble Houses That Owe An Allegiance To The Imperial House Corrino, Dune Tells The Story Of Young Paul Atreides The Heir Apparent To Duke Leto Atreides And Heir Of House Atreides As He And His Family Accept Control Of The Desert Planet Arrakis, The Only Source Of The Spice Melange, The Most Important And Valuable Substance In The Cosmos The Story Explores The Complex, Multi Layered Interactions Of Politics, Religion, Ecology, Technology, And Human Emotion As The Forces Of The Empire Confront Each Other For Control Of Arrakis.Published In 1965, It Won The Hugo Award In 1966 And The Inaugural Nebula Award For Best Novel Dune Is Frequently Cited As The World S Best Selling Sf Novel.

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    There s a characteristically witty essay by Borges about a man who rewrites Don Quixote, many centuries after Cervantes He publishes a novel with the same title, containing the same words in the same order But, as Borges shows you, the different cultural context means it s a completely new book What was once trite and commonplace is now daring a

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    No one should argue the importance Dune It laid the foundations for a great deal of the themes and constructs in modern science fiction Frank Herbert was as important to the genre as Isaac Asimov and Arthur Clarke Unfortunately, just like them, he s quite dated, and his books can be a labor to read One thing he maintained from old science fiction

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    In my head, the purpose of this review is very clear It is to convince YOU to read this book Yes, you Waste time noGo grab a copy.Machiavellian intrigue, mythology, religion, politics, imperialism, environmentalism, the nature of power All this set in a mind boggling, frighteningly original world which Herbert ominously terms as an effort at predi

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    Dune.No other single syllable means as much to the science fiction genre, a single word that conjures images of sandworms, spice wars, great battles between rival dynastic families and a massively detailed and intricately crafted universe No wonder this is widely regarded as not just a Science Fiction masterpiece, but a literary ac...

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    Update 1.99 on kindle US today 8 6 17I was so worried that I wouldn t understand a thing in this book I will admit there are some things that went over my head but for the most part I figured it out I remember a billion and 65 years ago I watched the movie and was like what the Basically all I remember is Sting and sandworms I would love to watch it

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    I m sort of tempted to try this again I don t think it ll be worth the hassle though I could never give Dune five stars because I really struggled to get into the novel in the beginning It has taken me almost two months to read This, for me, is a very long time to spend on a book It took me so long to read because I found the writing style incredibly

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    I blame the movie.I was an avid but novice fantasy and sci fi reader in 1984 when David Lynch s Dune rolled out as a big budget adaptation of the 1965 classic book It was an artistic and box office failure with Roger Ebert calling it a real mess, an incomprehensible, ugly, unstructured, pointless excursion Numerous references were made to its excessiv

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    People often forget that this series is what innovated our modern concept of science fiction up until Neuromancer and The Martix, at least Dune took the Space Opera and asked if it might bethan spandex, dildo shaped rockets, and scantily clad green women Herbert created a vast and complex system of ancient spatial politics and peoples, then set them at

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    Update 8 28 17Re read Number 13 I cry when Paul meets Gurney I shiver when Jessica consoles Chani I m awestruck by the peaks and troughs of time, free will, and the weakness in Paul even as he heroically strives against the evil that is about to be unleashed upon the universe sigh Perfection Easily the number one book I ve ever read I waver, sometimes,

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    3.5 5 StarsDune oh Dune, seems like I need to raise my Shield Wall for this review.Dune is one of the most important pieces of literature for the Sci Fi genre I ve been raking my brain for hours on how to properly explain the importance of Dune in the sci fi literature but you know what I dune hehehe think it s necessary for me to do so If you truly wann

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