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Demon (Gaea, #3) The Satellite Sized Alien Gaea Has Gone Completely Insane She Has Transformed Her Love Of Old Movies Into Monstrous Realities She Is Marilyn Monroe She Is King Kong And Now She Must Be Destroyed.

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    I read the first two books of John Varley s magnificent Gaean trilogy, Titan and Wizard, when I was in high school, back in the mid eighties and I really enjoyed them Somehow, inexplicably, I never read the third, Demon When I began reading again in 2008 after graduating from law school and then especially when I connected with Goodreads in 2011, I rem

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    For the most part, I absolutely love this trilogy On the idea front, it s wild with some of the coolest and strangest story combinations, from a life as a movie set to an intentionally perverse Greek Mythos setup to the enormous annihilation of humanity in the Fifth Nuclear War some twenty years after book 2 , to the fact that we re on an all out trip to overthr

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    SPOILER WARNING As I m combining the reviews of all the books in The Gaean Trilogy in this entry for Demon, there may be spoilers ahead though I ll keep them to a minimum With that in mind, I ll get my solid recommendation to read these books out of the way The story and characters are interesting Gaea is a fascinating concept, and definitely a place I d love to visit and

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    It strikes me, as I finish up Demon, that John Varley s trilogy is in many ways a mirror image of Arthur Clarke s 2001, a Space Odyssey While both stories begin with humans exploring alien technology in the outer solar system, Clarke s is all about the computers, space travel, and alien technology, while Varley s is all about human relationships Clarke s aliens are aloof and cold,

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    This is a strange book It s a lot to take in It s got zombies, centaur like creatures, lesbians, witches, a giant Marilyn Monroe and so much .So I read it again I bought the Gaea series directly from John Varley s site It costmoney, of course, but he signs it and the money goes directly to him and if anyone deserves some loot to go directly to him it s John Varley.I need to readof him And yo

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    I review all three books here Titan, Wizard and Demon.Ah, Varley, what am I to do with you First and foremost, this trilogy is highly enjoyable, if quirky and eccentric in some places Varley has a strong sense of how people work and his wisdom in his understanding of human interaction plays well in building a strong plot, and several subplots that add to the story s attractiveness I thoroughly enjoyed

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    This is the final volume of the Gaea trilogy by John Varley I found it totally a worthwhile read and the characters were fleshed out enough to be their own and likeable My one and only downer on this was my own failing I ve not read many trilogies and hardly ever back to back to back, and I became a bit like someone that had a visitor that has over stayed I began to be ready to move on to something else, yet I

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    What if you could talk to god, and ask one thing What would you ask of him or her John Varley played with this concept in this trilogy together with ideas of cultural variations, religion and psychological developments It was exciting, novel and conspicuously distinctive from most science fiction works of today.The book was written in 1979, and in 1980, it was listed as the first official winner of the Locus Award in Sci

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    Disappointingly, the most conventional book in the trilogy surprising since it mostly concerns the build up to war with a 50 foot Marilyn Monroe avatar Varley falls back on war novel stuff, half baked politics and too much deliberate withholding of important plot points in service...

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    This book is a serious mindfuck It s best to start at the beginning of the series to get the full effect.

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