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Defending Her Honor Our Relationship Developed Out Of An Obsession It Wasn T The Girl, But The Idea That Fixing Someone Who Was Broken Meant There Was Hope For Me Even In My Search For Redemption, I Was Selfish That Doesn T Mean I Didn T Love Her In The End, My Love For Her Was The Only Thing I Had Left For Emma, Our Relationship Sprang From Innocence Her Curiosity Was Her Undoing She Wanted To Know There Was Something Different, Something Exciting Waiting For Her In The WorldI Wanted To Give Her All Of That And I Wanted To Liberate Her From The Chains Society Had Bound Us In The Irony Of Doing So By Tying Her Down Was Not Lost On Me In The End, I D Destroyed Us Both, But I Couldn T Let Her Go To Have The Trust Of Someone So Pure Was Stronger Than Any Intoxicating Substance Known To Man She Was My Cure, And I Was Her Poison HonorSeries ComingSoon SpecialEdition Get The Entire Story In ONE Book Including The Highly Anticipated Th Novel A author that publishes a zillion books while leaving a series hanging for years is not an author I am interested in reading It s been 3 years since the last book came out and I still got my eye on this one It s 2015 When is this coming out When is the new one coming out

About the Author: Teresa Mummert

TERESA MUMMERT is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Her work includes word of mouth bestselling, White Trash Trilogy, which landed her a three book publishing deal with Simon Schuster She is also the author of the wildly popular Honor Series which chronicles the taboo romance between a student and her college professor.To date, she s written twenty novels, and plans for manyreleases in the future.

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