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By Fairy Means or Foul (Starfig Investigations, #1) The Last Thing Half Dragon, Half Fairy Private Investigator Twig Starfig Wants To Do Is Retrieve A Stolen Enchanted Horn From A Treacherous Fae, But There S No Denying The Dazzlingly Gorgeous Unicorn Who Asks Twig To Do Just That Literally, No Denying, Because Compelling The Reluctant Detective Is All Part Of A Unicorn S Seductive Magic To Add To His Woes, Twig Is Saddled With The Unicorn S Cheeky Indentured Servant, Quinn Broomsparkle Dragons Are Supposed To Want To Eat Humans, But Twig S Half Dragon Side Only Wants To Gobble Up Quinn In A Personal Way Making Matters Worse, It S Obvious The Smokin Hot But Untrustworthy Sidekick Is Hiding Something Something Big And Not What S In His Trousers In The PI Business, That Means Trouble With A Capital Q Throw In Gads Of Zombies, A Creepy Ghost Pirate Ship, A Malfunctioning Magic Carpet, And Twig S Overbearing Fairy Father S Demands To Live Up To The Illustrious Starfig Name Naturally, An Old But Abiding Enemy Chooses This Time To Resurface, Too Those Inconveniences Twig Can Handle The Realization He S Falling For A Human Who Isn T Free To Return His Affections And Whose Life May Hang On The Success Of His Latest Case Not So Much.

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    Wow, I didn t expect it, but I kind of hated this book You know when you read a book that you really don t like and it makes you frustrated and angry and sad and makes you question all your life choices Yeah, that was me last night when I was reading this.This had all the ingredien

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    Hands down this was the best audiobook I ve ever listened to so far Greg Boudreaux, aka Greg Tremblay, has outdone himself with his narration THIS WAS EPIC To be honest, this is a book I normally never would have ...

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    Update Just finished the audio and OMGGGGGGGGGG so freakin good I spent way too much brainpower wondering how the hell Greg Boudreaux could make all those voices They didn t even sound like the same person and that is amazing I m in awe of his talent and once again, I profess that if he narrates it, I

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    Re listen 2 18GR rully needs a 6th star For special occasions I am just saying Hellafuck Good I never expected to love this as much as I did but right from the start Twig s grouchiness made me smile That paired with Quinn s sassiness, the names OMG the names Rainbowpebbles wins all the things and Boudreaux s EP

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    This had my name stamped all over it, it called to me like those Sirens luring seafarers to their death and to be honest, I also nearly died Not from them though, but from all the confusion Many are going to disagree, I can accept that My mind is wired to the simple things in life and when I get confused, I get lost.Ther

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    This is a one colorful book Yup, that s the first word that came to my mind when I think about it I mean just think of any magical or mythical creatures that you can come up with and I m sure they are included in this novel And the banters here are just pure gold Hilarious And witty I had pure bliss reading this novel This book ha

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    Duuuuuuuude This is like, my FAVORITE book of the summer EVERYONE needs to read this I adored this story of the curmudgeonly dragon fairy Fragon Drairy Twig and Quinn, the human slave boy he s sworn to protect Twig is a private investigator who is hired by Brandsome Nightwind, a unicorn unicorn of questionable intent, to find his missing ho

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    4 Hearts Lately, I ve been very lucky, and a bit tickled pink, to find some great urban fantasy M M and this was no exception If you like magic and fantastical creatures with plenty of adventure, then this is for you This starts off with Twig a half fairy and half dragon combo He doesn t quite fit in with either side of his dual natures but capitaliz

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    Big ol unicorn gangbang review with Lost in a Book, R A Reader Obsessed , JL, Sara and Lori4.25 HEARTS Twig, you re so muchWho d want to be average when you can be extraordinary What can I say that hasn t been said already by fantasy road trip romance, By Fairy Means or Foul It was epic and definitely went big, instead of mailing it in, in the fantastical depa

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    4 StarsBy Fairy Means or Foul was a fantastical and fun read, featuring a delicious mixed bag of extraordinary magical beings, including everything from wizards, fairies and dragons, to giants, zombies, demons andThe story follows half breed Twig Starfig, who is a one of a kind part fairy part dragon mix, who works as a PI specialising in retrieving missing and or stole

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