Brain: The Man Who Wrote the Book That Changed the World

Brain: The Man Who Wrote the Book That Changed the World It s the classic dilemma of the writer Do you write what s in your heart or do you write what sells In this modern age of publishing there is a huge chasm between the best selling authors that are rich beyond their dreams and well, everybody else All Daniel Waterstone ever wanted to do was write the great American novel and change the landscape of modern literature forever He has two literary books in print but no one s buying His agent won t even accept his latest masterpiece which he poured his soul into apparently, it s not commercial enough In a final act of desperation, Daniel decides to write not what s in his heart but what he thinks will sell Boy, did he get that one wrongworst of all, most likely lose the woman of his dreams

About the Author: Dermot Davis

Dermot is an Irish writer who splits his time between Ireland and the US His creative work encompasses varied genres and styles with a special focus on human themes and characters transformed by life experience He is a Gold Medalist Winner in the 2015 READER S FAVORITE INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARD, a SOMERSET AWARDS FIRST PLACE WINNER 2013, a First Place Winner in the 2013 USA BEST BOOK AWARDS and a Finalist in the 2013 INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS As a playwright, Dermot is a recipient of the O.Z Whitehead Award which was co sponsored by Irish Pen and the Society of Irish Playwrights

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    An unusual, compelling, satirical look at the dysfunctional world of writing and publishing The madness in this book is so real and so possible, it is chilling in its accuracy I found myself at times nodding in complete agreement, and at others laughing to the point of tears In effortlessly engaging prose

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    Brain The Man Who Wrote the Book That Changed the World was recommended to be by a book reviewer, who told me you are an author, you should read it Since I value this reviewer a lot I did The book exceeded my expectations.The story begins like many stories about starving authors begin, only the description is muc

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    Brain The Man Who Wrote the Book That Changed the World Dermot DavisJust what makes a best seller Is it a good romance, mystery or thriller with a plot filled with murder, intrigue, hot and steamy sex Aspiring writers hope that their novel will not only be on the Times best seller list but reach number one Some might be

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    Brain The Man Who Wrote the Book That Changed the World by Dermot Davis is a hilarious and clever satire about the world of publishing, audience tastes and manipulation.A very talented writer is unable to make a living on the strength of his high quality literary books, but when selling out he lands a hit.With sharp with and obs

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    Daniel is a published author, but no one wants to read his literary novels Even his agent isn t interested in his latest manuscript In an act of desperation he pens a satirical work under a pseudonym, which his agent and publisher put out as a self help book Suddenly, he is a runaway commercial success, and then life becomes really comp

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    Sometimes we forget how much effort, work and sacrifice goes into the creation of the books we enjoy, be they fiction, the great American novel, or a self help guide Brain The Man Who Wrote the Book That Changed the World uses satire, some times tongue in cheek, sometimes just shy of absurd, to remind us what it really takes to give readers wha

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    Brain The Man Who Wrote the Book That Changed the World is the second book I ve had the pleasure of reading by Award Winning Playwright Dermot Davis, his book Zen and Sex having been the first I m not sure which I appreciateabout this talented author, his unfailing, and at times quirky sense of humor, or the fact that he so effectively avoids writing v

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    I devoured Mr Davis s other novel, Zen and Sex in forty eight hours, so I was very pleased to discover a new release from him Brain is a comedy about writing, and about the vagaries of the publishing business It s a comment on what sells and what doesn t, and whether artists should aspire to be artists, or simply try to produce a work that they know will sell

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    Brain is a must read for all authors trying to make sense of the world of publishing.It reminded me of Bonfire of the Vanities and Tom Sharpe s work.Essentially a comedy and satire, Brain is a modern fable about the power of imagination and marketing with unforeseen consequences.It also includes some great set pieces and observations about life which resonate with thi

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    I loved this book It s funny, imaginative and captivating I connected with the themes immediately, which kept me reading with vivid interest until the end The characters are rich and the protagonist Daniel is someone that I looked forward to spend time with at each opportunity I had to continue reading Dermot Davis writing style flows like a river in the summer, it s easy to

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