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An Excellent Wife? Wanted a wife of convenienceJames had never been in love He intended to marry a woman who didn t make demands, or wouldn t change his life So why did he find Patience Kirby so attractive She certainly wasn t his idea of marriage material For one thing, she was a sparky redhead, while he d always preferred cool blondes For another, he was used to a peaceful, elegant lifestyle, and Patience s home was full of kids, old people and animals noise, warmth and caringBut in order to have her in his bed, did James have to make Patience his wife

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Re An Excellent Wife Charlotte Lamb kicks off a very short HP mini series called Man Talk There are actually eight books in this series, four set in HPlandia of 1998 and four that are publishe

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    Fan freaking tastic I don t know if I have ever read a Harlequin comedy before, at least not in an intentional way, but An excellent wife , by Charlotte Lamb, was just that the Harlequin version of one of those classic romantic comedies starring Cary Grant and Katherine He

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Awww this is just the fluffiest story, told entirely from our emotionally buttoned down hero s POV There are other great reviews so I won t go into the plot details The writing is exquisite The

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    Funny and cute story Hero was clueless when it comes to love He was also inexperienced and so endearing He was so in love with the heroine poor guy Entertaining book.

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    3.75 stars The book was quite enjoyable and I liked itbecause it was written from the hero s point of view It was a classic HP romance with the exact amount of comedy and love, very refreshing.

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    A rare hero s POV, and what a hero James, our stuffy stuffed shirt was abandoned by his mother and raised by the cold father that drove her away He s slowly slipping into his father s life rude to his employees, an eye to what s proper, and a non sexual dating relationship wit

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    Reading the story from H s POV was different and this H was special it made it all thelovely.

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    When it comes to originality, CL doesn t disappoint and this book is testament to her skills Told from the H s perspective, this M B is the romance equivalent of the Christmas Carol H is Scrooge, a rich and powerful man with very little grasp of feelings and emotions His ghosts

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    More like 3 to 3.5 stars, but rather unique in that it is told entirely from the hero s point of view One day, a successful financier is rudely interrupted when a young woman comes barging into his office to explain that his long lost mother is back in town and desperately wants

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    I had to check midway through this book to be sure it was indeed Charlotte Lamb who wrote it she surprises me every now and then with outlier stories but this was still a first What a happy, charming, silly book This story was told entirely from the Hero s perspective He s suppose

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