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All the Names They Used for God A Haunting, Diverse Debut Story Collection That Explores The Isolation We Experience In The Face Of The Mysterious, Often Dangerous Forces That Shape Our LivesAnjali Sachdeva S Debut Collection Spans Centuries, Continents, And A Diverse Set Of Characters But Is United By Each Character S Epic Struggle With Fate A Workman In Andrew Carnegie S Steel Mills Is Irrevocably Changed By The Brutal Power Of The Furnaces A Fisherman Sets Sail Into Overfished Waters And Finds A Secret Obsession From Which He Can T Return An Online Date Ends With A Frightening, Inexplicable Disappearance Her Story Pleiades Was Called A Masterpiece By Dave Eggers Sachdeva Has A Talent For Creating Moving And Poignant Scenes, Following Her Highly Imaginative Plots To Their Logical Ends, And Depicting How One Small Miracle Can Affect Everyone In Its WakeThe World By Night Glass Lung Logging Lake Killer Of Kings All The Names For God Robert Greenman And The Mermaid Anything You Might Want Manus Pleiades

About the Author: Anjali Sachdeva

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the All the Names They Used for God book, this is one of the most wanted Anjali Sachdeva author readers around the world.

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    What an outstanding short story collection I knew nothing about this book going in and was thrilled by each story There is so much range here, and there is a nice fabulist edge to nearly all the stories The writer wields so much confidence and control in her prose and my goodness, what imagination, what passion there is in this work From one story to the next I felt like the writer knows everything about everything One of the best collections

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    Over the past few months, I ve picked up a number of short story collections and this one happens to be one of the least memorable There are only nine stories in All the Names They Used for God but several made me think huh and not a single one really stood out to me I can almost always pick out at least one or two gems in a collection but all left me fairly cold here.It s somewhat odd that these stories were lumped together into a collection at all

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    3.5 When I am reading s book of short stories, I usually jot down a few details about each story, as a memory aid I do not, however, look at these notes unless I absolutely have to, rather trying to see how much I remember just from the story titles A good way for me to gauge how memorable and note Worthy is each story After finishing this well written collection I am happy to say I remembered quite a few.They run the gamut from the past to the future, eac

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    Anjali Sachdeva has written a diverse, compelling and strong debut collection of stories I can t think of any other collection I ve read that is this eclectic there are stories about genetically perfected septuplets, a man with glass lungs, John Milton writing his epic poem, weird blobby aliens who take over earth and witchy women who put men under their spells It s bizarre and fun and emotional and quite wonderful I think this would be a great collection for peo

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    Let s just say, I liked the book I liked a few of the stories a lot I thought others were meh In a book with only nine stories,than one meh can diminish an overall rating First off, I think Sachdeva is a fantastic writer Graduate of the Iowa Writers Workshop and has taught writing at several renowned universities, and through this book has won several awards it s clear that she is a writer s writer Certainly, she has a way with words and is a gifted storyteller with a w

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    Wonder and terror meet at the horizon, and we walk the knife edge between them These words end the introduction to this powerful, haunting collection of short stories Sachdeva explains in her introduction that in old times people knew better than to trust their gods Gods enter these stories in unexpected, sometimes wondrous and sometimes terrifying ways I put gods in quotations because what enters into these stories is never called god or what is expected of god, but instead i

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    A difficult book to review.I enjoyed three stories in the whole collection 1 The World by Night The story takes place in a cave There is hope and hopelessness Beautifully written and shows how delicate human relationships are2 Robert Greenman and the Mermaid a fisherman who thought he was happy with life meets a mermaid Themes of happiness, wonder, death, prey and predator relationships etc.3 Anything You Might Want well written about futility of human relationships and the need to A

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    This has to be the best short story collection I have read There was just enough fantastical elements that it felt somewhat realistic, and the satire was subtle but there in each story but never took away from the entertainment of the stories All the Names for God the short story in this was amazing and I found myself thinking about it long after I read it Individual story ratings The World by Night 5 stars I was on edge the whole time I read this trying to figure out how this was going Thi

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    Release Date 02.20.18 All the Names They Used for God, Anjali Sachdeva s debut release, is a stellar collection of short stories that explores the strangeness that is the human experience and our small stature in the vastness of the cosmos Rewards abound for the short story lover science gone awry in Pleiades abandonment and love gone wrong in Anything You Might Want man versus wild and the call of suicide in Logging Lake These are intricate, spinning tales that took me off guard Do Release Date 0

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    The stories set out in this collection are loosely connected by otherworldly moods, inspired by bits of magic, and soft dream filled prose The scenes visualized here range from a pioneer woman seeking adventure in underground caves, fishermen bewitched by mermaids, a future where aliens replace our hands with metal appendages, an ode to schoolgirls in Africa captured by jihadists, a cold miner s daughter on the prowl, and a wild, vivacious spirited woman who disappears as the wolves howl Thank The storie

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