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Against a Darkening Sky A New Novel From One Of Canada S Most Acclaimed And Celebrated Writers, Against A Darkening Sky Is Set In 7th Century Northumbria And Follows Wilona, A Seeress And Healer Whose Life And Way Of Being In The World Are Threatened By The Coming Of Christianity And Egan, A Young Monk From Eire Whose Visions May Have Brought Him To Christ, But Whose Experience Of The Sacred Puts Him At Odds With The Roman Church Full Of Magic And Mystery, Lauren B Davis S New Work Explores What Happens When One S Experience And Beliefs Clash With Those Of The People In Power.

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    Egan is a devout young Christian monk perhaps a bit too devout Wilona is apprentice to the seithkona a priestess medicine woman of her village, and utterly committed to her people s in

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    Historical fantasy set against the background of 7th century Northumbria, with the coming of Christianity, replacing the old pagan religion Egan, a devout monk, maybe even TOO devout, comes to t

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    Only just scraped to three stars, because the writing kept me going And the conflict of cultures was an interesting device which allowed for a few unexpected twists.But, it isn t until the acknowledgement

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    The dramatic sweep of AGAINST A DARKENING SKY takes your breath away in its story of the coming of Christianity the White Christ to the pagan world of seventh century Northumbria The novel is narrated in alternatin

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    I enjoyed it for the fanciful mind of the writer The time period was interesting, and having lived in England I love reading about it s past I particularly enjoyed the different beliefs, with Christianity on the rise it made

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    Okay, so I saw this book at a thrift store, read Lauren B Davis, and my heart stuttered The Stubborn Season had a big impact on me since reading it over a decade ago, and I have mad respect for her ability in writing characters I quit

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    I loved the strength of the writing in this book, and the characters experiencing diverse and satisfying story and development in primitive Northumbria and the inevitable clash between traditional forms of god and goddess worship and healing th

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    I discovered Lauren B Davis at the Harbourfront reading festival and have read everything by her since An extraordinary writer who is able to inhabit the voices and experiences of peoples from incredibly diverse backgrounds, not only of place and circums

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    This was a stretch for me but I enjoyed it nonetheless A story set in primitive Northumbria where people live in caves and trust in a seithkona with her runes and herbal potions before the monk of the white Christ came preaching a message of faith and hope of a di

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    Wilona is a survivor She survived the loss of her whole village while a child and made a place as a healer, midwife and devotee of the old gods in Northumbria during the reign of King Edwin Then enters Egan, an otherworldly monk who has a hard time coping with the world the

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