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A Nameless Witch A Tale Of Vengeance, True Love, And CannibalismBeing Born Undead Can Have Its Disadvantages, Such As Eternal Youth And Flawless Beauty Things Most Unsuitable For A Witch Hiding Behind The Guise Of A Grimy Old Crone, The Witch Is Content Living Outside Fort Stalwart With Her Unlikely Band Of Allies A Troll Named Gwurm, An Enchanted Broom, And A Demonic Duck Named Newt She Leads A Simple Life Filled With Spells, Potions, And The Occasional CurseSo When A White Knight Arrives At Fort Stalwart, The Witch Knows Her Days Of Peace Are At An End The Knight Is Just Days In Front Of A Horde Of Ravenous Goblings, And Fort Stalwart Lies Right In The Horde S Path But The Goblings Are Just The First Wave Of Danger, And Soon The Witch And The Knight Must Combine Forces On A Perilous Quest To Stop A Mad Sorcerer From Destroying The WorldFilled With Menace, Monsters, And Magic, A Nameless Witch Is A Properly Witchly Read By The Award Winning Author Of Gil S All Fright Diner And In The Company Of Ogres

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    Well, I m crazy bout witches, so I should have loved this one But, I didn t.The characters are fine We have the witch, her sentient broom, her familiar a demon duck, a modular troll, and a virtuous White Knight who is dedicated to vanquishing evil in all its forms. So far, so good But the plot drags there is too much build up to too little conclusion Over halfway

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    Maybe it s just me, but the title and the cover art of A Nameless Witch and even the blurb on the back had me expecting something almost YA, like Kiki s Delivery Service meets Flight of Dragons or something Then comes the part where the witch realizes that she hungers to devour her true love s flesh This book gets off to a terrific start Martinez s style is fast and f

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    Quick review for what really is a quick book to read I enjoyed the first half waythan the second half Initially it was original and funny In my comments I had said that if Gaimon, Pratchett and Hendee ever wrote a book, it would be like this and that is what made it fun But in the second half, that humour got a bit old, which is why I have never been able to finish any Pra

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    A Nameless Witch is yet another of Martinez humorous novels awash in the supernatural The humor in this book isquiet than his previous two and tends toward the wry.A nameless witch is on a quest a quest of vengeance and, hopefully, self discovery But mostly vengeance She takes along her contentious familiar, a demon duck Ok, let me say that again A demon duck With a bad case of

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    Several reviews describe this book as quirky, and I m certainly not going to argue there It plays with tropes to the level of parody a witch cursed with beauty and a hunger for flesh , a demon in the body of a duck, a thoughtful troll, a wistful broom, and a true White Knight.It starts out being a sort of revenge story, but it s reallya coming of age romance kind of book And there s

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    The only reason this book didn t get a one rating is because the Witches familiar is a demon duck I found this to be a boring sketch of an idea rather than a story Martinez was trying to say something about the nature of belief and reality in the form of a somewhat spoofy fairy tale and he just simply fails miserably Gil s All Fright Diner succeeds for me because it afleshed out setting

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    3.5 stars A quick read I just got hung up with other things this month A good mix of genres and a quirky cast of characters Enjoyable and fluffy, with a wry sense of humor.

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    Before I leave, I offer these three peices of advice First, be wary of mortals They may be small in power, but they are large in number.Second, remember that people, human or otherwise, are, with rare exception, basically good at heart Treat them as you would be treated, and you ll almost never go wrong.And thirdly, and this is something you should never forget, feed a troll and you shall never be

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    This was an easy, fun read with some real truths tucked away in the corners The characters were unique and well fleshed out The Nameless Witch with her curse of immortality was an amazing person who was just the opposite of what people expected in a witch I loved her wise cracking familiar Newt The tongue in cheek comedy kept the story light and made it an enjoyable story right up to the very end This

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    Street Corner TBR ChallengeAugust pick 3per FlanneryWell, I didn t really dislike this but I didn t really like it either It was definitely different and unique, sometimes to the point of absolute weirdness I enjoy quest books I do not enjoy books involving cannibalism This had both It was off putting to read this witches thoughts on eating the man she was falling in love with Yes, it was gross, but it was

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