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A Clockwork Orange A Vicious Fifteen Year Old Droog Is The Central Character Of This 1963 Classic, Whose Stark Terror Was Captured In Stanley Kubrick S Magnificent Film Of The Same Title.In Anthony Burgess S Nightmare Vision Of The Future, Where Criminals Take Over After Dark, The Story Is Told By The Central Character, Alex, Who Talks In A Brutal Invented Slang That Brilliantly Renders His And His Friends Social Pathology A Clockwork Orange Is A Frightening Fable About Good And Evil, And The Meaning Of Human Freedom When The State Undertakes To Reform Alex To Redeem Him The Novel Asks, At What Cost This Edition Includes The Controversial Last Chapter Not Published In The First Edition And Burgess S Introduction A Clockwork Orange Resucked.

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    A Clockwork Orange is one of those books which everyone has heard of but which few people have actually read mostly, I think, because it is preceded by a reputation of shocking ultra violence I m not going to deny here that the book contains violence It features lengthy descriptions of heinous crimes

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    How to review an infamous book about which so much has already been said By avoiding reading others thoughts until I ve written mine.There are horrors in this book, but there is beauty too, and so much to think about The ends of the book justify the means of its execution, even if the same is not true of what h

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    This book was sweet The way russian was used to show the distopian future was one of the coolest literary devices I have seen Because I was so enthralled by it, I often read partsthan once to make sure I was getting the meaning right Everyone should read this book, and the...

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    In 1960 Anthony Burgess was 43 and had written 4 novels and had a proper job teaching in the British Colonial Service in Malaya and Brunei Then he had a collapse and the story gets complicated But I like the first cool version AB told, which was that he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour and given a year to live Since a

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    What s it going to be then, eh A linguistic adventure, O my brothers I had seen the Kubrick film and so reading the novella was on the list I very much enjoyed it, was surprised to learn that American publishers and Kubrick had omitted the crucial last chapter that provides some moral denouement to the ultra violence.As disturbingly good as

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    Rebellion can take on many forms and inA Clockwork Orangeit takes on the form of language the spoken word All societies have their constraints, though breaking through them is often difficult What the poor disaffected youth do here is create their own system of communication that is so utterly theirs. Every word carries...

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    In the near future, in an Utopian socialist country, England, where everyone has to work except the ill or old , whether the job makes any sense, or not, a group of teenagers like to party without limits, at night Alex, the leader, George 2nd in command, Pete the most sane and the big dim, Dim, he s good with his boots, fun loving kids Your humble narrator, Al

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    A favourite of my late teens, still a favourite now The brutality of male blooming and the private patois of our teenhoodsplattered across this brilliant moral satire, abundant in vibrant, bursting language and a structural perfection Shakespearean, dammit Goddamn Shakespearean nadsat is second only to the language in Riddley Walker for a perfectly rendered invented lan

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    El 2017 ha sido el a o que dediqu en parte a leer varios cl sicos y novelas contempor neas que me faltaban, como El guardi n entre el centeno de J.D Salinger, Robinson Crusoe de Daniel Defoe, El inspector de Nik lai G gol, Cr nica del p jaro que da cuerda al mundo de Haruki Murakami, La ca da de Albert Camus, Resurrecci n de Lev Tolst i, Los viajes de Gulliver de Jonathan Swift,

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    This is a dark, compelling read with massive amounts of violent acts and imagery that run throughout the novel They are definitely vividly described but in one way the violence is slightly censored with the use of the nadsat language, a language teenagers use in the novel The book doesn t promote violence but instead explores the idea of violence entwined with youth and the morality of fre

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